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Candied Orange Peel

Oranges - 5
Sugar - 2 cups
Water - 1 cup
Corn Syrup - 3 tbsp
Orange flavor Gelatin - 2 pkt


  • Cut rind of each orange in quarters with sharp knife, then peel off. Place them in a heavy sauce pan.
  • Pour cold water to cover and bring it to boil, simmer for 10 minutes. Drain.
  • Add fresh water and simmer for 5 minutes, Drain.
  • Carefully scrape white membrane from rind with the tip of a spoon, Cut rind into thin even strips.
  • Combine sugar, water and corn syrup in sauce pan. Heat over medium flame, stirring constantly, until sugar dissolves.
  • Stir in orange rind. Cook in medium flame, stirring often, for 30 minutes or until rind is almost transparent and syrup is absorbed. Take rinds out.
  • Sprinkle gelatin in a large shallow pan, roll strips while warm, one at a time, in gelatin to coat generously.
  • Place on wire racks; let stand until dry.
  • Store in a loosely covered container.
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