September 26, 2013

Jack Fruit Jam

Ripe Jack fruit pieces - 500 gm (small pieces)
Jaggery - 250 gm
Water - 750 ml
Ghee - 150 gm


  • Boil the water. Add the fruit pieces and cook well. When the fruit is softened well, mash it with churner.
  • Add grated jaggery and cook. When the jaggery melts well, and mixes up with the fruit, add ghee little by little, all the time, and stir it.
  • When the jam is not sticking to the sides of the pan, remove from fire.
  • Cool the jam for bottling. Pour a little ghee into the bottle, greasing the inner sides and bottom of the bottle.
  • Now pour the jam into the bottle and top up with little ghee.
  • This will keep the jam for a long time.

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