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Carrot Lehyam

Carrots - 1 kg
Sugar - 750 gm
Cow ghee - 325 gm
Mistri (patika bellam) - 50 gm
Cloves - 10 gm
Melon seeds - 20 gm
Pumpkin Seeds - 20 gm
Cucumber seeds - 20 gm
Almonds - 20 gm
Pistachio - 20 gm
Dry dates - 20 gms(without seeds)
Paneer - few drops
Saffron - few strands


  • Grind mistri, cloves, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, cucumber seeds, almonds, pistachio and dry dates to make powder.
  • Peel and cut carrots into pieces. Steam cook carrot pieces till tender and soft. Mash the carrots till soft.
  • Heat the ghee, add mashed carrot and fry them till red.
  • Bring it to boil sugar, paneer and 1 cup of water to make thick syrup.
  • Add fried carrot and mix well.
  • Cook in low flame till it becomes thick, stirring continuously. 
  • Remove from the fire then add powder and saffron and mix well.
  • Cool and store in glass jars.
  • Take daily 2 tsp of this lehyam then drink 1 glass of cow milk.
  • This is good for physical strength, eyes and cools the body heat.

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