May 07, 2015


        Many people are victims of gastric trouble these days. Indigestion is the root cause of it. Excessive exercise or sleep or rest, too rich or fried food, potatoes, mawas, eating at the same time two things which are antithetical to each other like fish and milk, buttermilk and milk, etc, cause this trouble.

        Ignoring the call of nature and chronic constipation also cause gastric troubles. They weaken the intestines, which leads to indigestion. The stomach becomes full of gas and starts causing discomfort.

        Pain in the heart, excessive thirst and trouble in respiration are the symptoms of this disease.

       The complications arising out of this trouble are dryness in the throat, lethargy and a feeling of heaviness in the body, heavy stomach accompanied by pain, irregularity in passing motions and urine, pain in various parts of the body, palpitation, perspiration high pulse beat, obstruction in respiration and headache.

       You should avoid foods which cause gastric trouble.

       During meals take 5 to 10 small ginger pieces to which a little salt and lemon juice have been added.

       Daily intake of betel nuts after meals help to remove this trouble.

       Take one teaspoon of Hingwastak Churna after meals with water. Half a teaspoon of soda-bicarb taken with water is also helpful.

       Powder five cloves and five black peppers finely. Add a cup of water and salt in it. Use this mixture when condition is acute.

       Regular use of garlic is very effective.

       A quarter teaspoon of powdered ginger and half a tea spoon of ajwain, to which a little salt has been added, should be taken in warm water.

      Yogasanas and swimming are very effective in getting rid of this disease.

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