June 28, 2015


Scant milk - 1 1/4 cups
Vanilla castor sugar - 50 gms
Plain flour - 25 gms
Egg yolks - 2
Lemon rind - 1/4 tsp (finely grated)
Butter - 15 gms


  • Bring 3/4 milk to the boil. Put sugar, flour, egg yolks and lemon rind into the basin, add the remaining milk and mix thoroughly with a wire whisk.
  • Pour on the boiling milk, whisking all the time, return to the rinsed saucepan and whisk until boiling point is again reached,
  • Stir in the butter. Turn into a basin and leave until cold, stirring now and then to prevent a skin forming.
  • When necessary the cream can be thinned by adding more milk or by flavouring with a liqueur or spirit.

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