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A hard cow's milk cheese produced in the Parma, Bologna and Reggio Emilia districts, known through out the world as 'Parmesan". In Italy commonly known as 'Grana" on account of its texture. A good Parmesan should be pale yellow with a rough grainy texture riddled with almost invisible pin sized holes. Portions are broken off rather than cut smoothly with a knife. Flavour is best when freshly grated.


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This blue veined cheese has a rich soft texture. A white Gorgonzola is made but not exported.


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A mild flavoured cow's milk cheese of smooth texture. Popular eaten raw and excellent for cooking. Often used as a substitute for Mozzarella. Pastorella is a smaller soften version of Bel Paese.


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This hard sheep's milk cheese is found in many different shapes. Eaten raw when fresh but used for grating and cooking when mature.


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A sweet flavoured cow's milk cheese made in various shapes and sizes. When fresh eaten raw, but ripens into a semi hard sharp flavoured cheese excellent for cooking. Usually seen hanging up and sometimes smoked.


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Originally a buffalo milk cheese but now usually made from cow's milk. A white flavourless curd cheese. Should be eaten very fresh, dripping with buttermilk. It melts very readily on cooking.


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A fresh unsalted cheese made from the whey of cow's milk. It has a soft  'Cream cheese' texture and a bland flavour. Much used for sweet and savoury fillings.


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A Cow's milk cheese from Lombardy with a distinctive pungent flavour and a soft slightly glutinous texture. Best eaten fresh accompanied by a rebust red wine.


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A very rich cow's milk cheese similar to a creamy Gruyere but with very small holes. ts melting quality and rich flavour is the basis of Fonduta, the fondue of Piedmont. Also suitable for eating raw.


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A hard cow's milk cheese from the southern provinces. Made in various shapes and sizes. Flavour and use similar to Provolone.


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A hard sharp spicy flaoured sheep's milk cheese with a very tough rind. When fresh eaten raw, later used for grating.


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A soft rich cow's milk cheese made in shallow rectangular shapes. A pale coloured mild tasting cheese for eating.

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