August 06, 2015


Cooking apples - 500 gms (peeled,cored and sliced)
Fresh black berries - 300 gms
Granulated sugar-150 gms
Water - 142 ml
Gelatine - 1 dsp
White loaf - - 1/2 large slices (crust removed)
Castor sugar to sprinkle


  • Cook apple slices with most of the blackberries, sugar and half of the water until soft and tender.
  • Dissolve gelatine in remaining hot water and add to cooled fruit mixture.
  • Line a pudding basin with bread and pour in fruit mixture. Cover with a circle of bread, a saucer and a weight on top.
  • Leave to set overnight.
  • Turn out, sprinkle with castor sugar and decorate with blackberries, serve with whipped double cream or custard sauce.

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