May 17, 2016


Fish -2 kg (approx)
White or green celery – 250 Gms
Salt and pepper
Bouquet garni (parsley, thyme, bay leaves, 2-3 sage leaves)
Fish stock or water
Butter – 100 gms
Rusk crumbs (powdered)

  • Clean the fish, and cut it into pieces 2-3” long.
  • Wash the celery, ad scrape and trim it if necessary.
  • Chop it very finely or mince it.
  • Butter a saucepan or stew pan, and put in the celery and the fish sections.
  • Season with salt and pepper and the bouquet garni.
  • Cover with the fish stock or water, and add the butter cut in small pieces.
  • Cover the pan, and boil the soup briskly so that the liquor is reduced when the fish is cooked.
  • Before serving, remove the bouquet garni and add the Rusk crumbs to thicken the soup.

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