August 29, 2017


Take ½ kg soya bean powder, and cover with enough water, about 1 to 2 litres of cold water.

Allow to soak for 8-10 hours. Stir 2-3 times. Extract the milk. Strain through a sieve. Place the milk in a pan over medium heat.

Simmer stirring occasionally. Bring to boil. Add juice of one lime and 2 cups yoghurt. Stir well until curdled.

Remove and strain through a piece of muslin or cheese cloth.

Now tie a loose knot and place on a large place. Put a weight on top (proceed as you make Indian cottage cheese) for 2 hours until firm.

Unlike Indian cottage cheese, tofu is very soft.

Has no taste or smell, but when cooked with spices and other ingredients it takes on their flavours.

Can be used for various methods of cooking.


Fried version: cut into cubes and deep fried. Sprinkle spices and serve with sauce.

Tofu skins or bean curd skins or sheets: during tofu making process, the skin that forms on the surface of  the curd, is remove and dried. These yellowish sheets are sold in the market, semi-dried, folded or dried rolled up strips. You can make them at home too.

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