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July 04, 2018


Large grapefruits - 2
Lemons - 2
Water - 3 litres
Preserving sugar - 2 kgs


  • Halve the grapefruits and lemons.
  • Squeeze out the juice and remove core and pips and pith.
  • Shred the rind very thinly.
  • Put water, juice and rind and pulp into a pan and allow to stand overnight.
  • Simmer slowly until the contents are reduced by half. (i.e., for about 3 hours).
  • Add the sugar, bring to the boil, stirring frequently, and continue boiling until the marmalade jellies.
  • Pour into jars and , when cold, cover tightly.

December 08, 2017


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Damsons - 1/2 kg
Sugar - 1/2 kg
Water - 4 tbsp

  • Put the fruit and water into a pan. Simmer until soft.
  • Add sugar, stir until dissolved, then boil rapidly until set.
  • Ladle into warmed jars and cover.

June 23, 2016


Raspberries - 200 gms
Kiwi fruit - 200 gms
Sugar - 1 cup


  • Wash the fruits and peel the kiwi and cut into small pieces.
  • Cut the raspberries into halves.
  • Heat one cup of water in a pan; add fruits to it.
  • Cook in medium flame till the fruits are soft.
  • Blend the fruits in blender to obtain pulp.
  • Again put back the liquidised fruit into pan; add sugar and cook low flame till the sugar melts.
  • Cook further till the mixture thickens and reaches  a jam consistency.
  • The mixture tends to thicken, once it cools.
  • Store in glass jar.

రాస్ప్ బేరి, కివి జామ్ 

కావలిసిన వస్తువులు:
రాస్ప్ బెర్రీస్ - 200గ్రా 
కివి - 200 గ్రా 
పంచదార - 1 కప్ 

  • పండ్లు కడిగి కివి చెక్కు తీసి ముక్కలు కోసుకోవాలి. బెర్రీస్ సగానికి కోసుకోవాలి. 
  • ఒకే కప్ నీళ్లు కాగుతున్నప్పుడు పై పండ్ల ముక్కలు వేసి మెత్త్తగా అయ్యేవరకు ఉడికించుకోవాలి. 
  • ఉడికిన దానిని బ్లెండర్లో వేసి బ్లెండ్ చేసుకోవాలి. 
  • ఆ గుజ్జును తీసి మళ్ళీ పాన్ లో వేసి పంచదార కలిపి సన్నని సెగ మీద జామ్ లాగా అయ్యేవరకు ఉడికించుకోవాలి. 
  • చల్లారిన తరువాత గాజు సీసా లో జాగ్రత్త చేసుకోవాలి. 

March 29, 2016


Currants - 500 gms
Sugar - 500 gms
Water - 250 ml


  • Clip off the stem and blossom end of the berries; wash; measure into a saucepan.
  • Add boiling water; bring to a boil and cook until berries are tender.
  • Add sugar; boil until the juice test for jelly.
  • Store in dry glass jar.

February 03, 2016


Ripe bananas (Nendran variety is preferable) - 12
Jaggery - 600 gms 
Ghee - 150-200 gms


  • Peel and cut bananas into slices.
  • Pour one litre of water in wide and heavy vessel and bring to boil.
  • When the water boils vigorously, put the banana slices into it, and cover with a plate.
  • Turn now ad then, opening the lid and cover again.
  • Continue till the fruits is cooked into a very soft mass. See that all the water is used up, taking care that the jam does not get burnt.
  • When it is cooked well, mash it with the churner. Keep the flame very low, while churning.
  • When mashed soft, add the powdered jaggery.
  • Mix well till the jaggery melts into a syrup and mixes well with the pulp.
  • When the jaggery thickens well, and becomes sticking, add ghee and go on turning till the jam turns round the spoon, without sticking to the sides of the vessel.
  • Remove from and cool..
  • This jam can be served with rotis.
  • This jam has to be cooled well, before bottling.

August 06, 2015


Black cherries - 1 1/4 kg
Water - 142 ml
Lemon juice - 2
Sugar - 1 1/2 kg
Commercial pectin - 1 bottle


  • Put prepared fruit in pan with water and lemon juice.
  • Cook gently with lid on for 15 minutes, remove lid.
  • Add sugar, stir over low heat until dissolved. Bring to rolling boil, boil rapidly for 3 minutes.
  • Remove from heat, add pectin, stir well, cool for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally to prevent fruit rising.
  • ladle into warmed jars and cover. 

May 06, 2015


Plum pulp - 1 kg
Sugar - 1 kg
Water - 300-350 ml


  • Wash plums, cut and remove seeds. Cook with water on a low flame till the peel is soft and mashed.
  • Add sugar and continue to cook till done.
  • Pour hot jam into prepared, clean, wide mouthed bottle. Cool it. Close the lid, wax and store in a cool place.

April 16, 2015


Pineapple pulp - 1 kg
Sugar - 750 gms
Citric acid - 1 tsp
Water - 2 1/2 cups


  • Peel and grate the pineapple. Add water and cook on a low flame till tender.
  • Add sugar and citric acid. Cook until done.
  • Fill the hot jam in sterilized bottles.
  • Seal and cork them tightly, when cool. 

June 25, 2014


Dried apricots - 225 gms
granulated sugar - 900 gms
Lemon juice - 1


  • Soak apricots overnight in 600 ml of water.
  • Put apricots with water into a large bowl.
  • Cook, uncovered, for 15 to 20 minutes at full powder or until fruit is soft and tender.
  • Add sugar and lemon juice. Return to microwave. Leave uncovered and cook about 5 minutes when sugar should be dissolved. Stir twice.
  • Continue to cook, uncovered, a further 20 to 25 minutes at high or until setting point is reached.
  • Leave until lukewarm then transfer to dried jar.

October 09, 2013

Dried Apricot Jam

Dried Apricots -  500 gm
Sugar - 1 1/2 kg
Water - 1 1/2 litre
Lemon juice - 1 tbsp


  • Soak the dried apricots in water for 2 days.
  • Boil them till they are tender and soft.
  • Add the sugar and lemon juice, stir until the sugar dissolves, then boil rapidly until set.
  • Ladle into warmed jars and cover.

September 26, 2013

Jack Fruit Jam

Ripe Jack fruit pieces - 500 gm (small pieces)
Jaggery - 250 gm
Water - 750 ml
Ghee - 150 gm


  • Boil the water. Add the fruit pieces and cook well. When the fruit is softened well, mash it with churner.
  • Add grated jaggery and cook. When the jaggery melts well, and mixes up with the fruit, add ghee little by little, all the time, and stir it.
  • When the jam is not sticking to the sides of the pan, remove from fire.
  • Cool the jam for bottling. Pour a little ghee into the bottle, greasing the inner sides and bottom of the bottle.
  • Now pour the jam into the bottle and top up with little ghee.
  • This will keep the jam for a long time.

July 04, 2013

Peach Preserve

Peaches - 2 dozens (ripe but firm)
Lemons -2


  • Soak peaches in hot water until the skin is loose, drain off the hot water and put them in cold water.
  • Cut them into halves, remove the stones, peel the skin and slice them.
  • Crack the stones and keep a few kernels aside, about 12.
  • Weigh the sliced peaches, take 3/4th the weight of peaches in sugar (i.e., peach: sugar= 4:3)
  • Take a tinned copper pan and make layers of peach slices and sugar. Keep aside for about  2-3 hours. Then put it on a slow fire and stir until the sugar melts, add kernels and then boil fast on high heat, until the peaches are clear and the sugar syrup is thick.
  • Add lemon juice and pour into hot sterilized jars, seal whilst still hot. 
  • Few kernels must be added to each bottle, as that gives a good flavour.

April 11, 2013

Amla (Goose Berry) Jam (Usiri Kaya Jam)

Amla - 4 cups (small variety)
Sugar - 4 cups
Honey - 1 cup
Saffron  - few strands


  • Wash and steam cook goose berries till soft.
  • Mash goose berries and remove seeds.
  • In a vessel put sugar and little water and cook till the syrup is one string consistency,
  • Add mashed berries and mix well, stir continuously. 
  • When it becomes thick add saffron and remove from fire.
  • Cool and add honey and mix well.
  • Store in dry jar., pub-6783067284749878, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0