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May 02, 2017


All purpose flour - 2 cups (sifted)
baking powder - 2 tsp
Baking soda - 1 1/2 tsp
Salt - 1 tsp
Cinnamon - 2 tsp
Salad oil - 1 1/2 cups
Sugar - 2 cups
Eggs - 4
Grated carrots - 2 cups
crushed pineapple - 1 small can
Walnuts or pecans - 1  1/2 cups (chopped)
Vanilla extract - 1 tsp


  • Sift flour , baking powder, soda, salt, and cinnamon together.
  • combine oil and sugar in large mixing bowl; beat thoroughly with electric mixture.
  • Add eggs one at a time; beat well after each addition.
  • Sift flour mixture into egg mixture; beat thoroughly.
  • Stir in remaining ingredients.
  • Spread batter evenly into well greased and floured 9*13" pan or 2 loaf pans.
  • Bake in preheated 350 f oven for one hour or until cake test done.
  • let cool in pan for 5 minutes; turn onto cake rack to finish cooling.
  • Dust with sifted confectioner's sugar to serve.

January 04, 2017


A Swiss specialty, rosti is often served as a breakfast dish. Chopped onion, ham or grated cheese can be added to the potatoes before frying.

potatoes - 900 gms
Salt and pepper
Butter -75 gms


  • Cook the potatoes in their skins in boiling water for 10 minutes.
  • Drain and leave them to cool. When they are cold, peel them and grate the flesh coarsely into a bowl.
  • Mix with salt and pepper to taste.
  • Melt half the butter in a large, heavy frying pan and when it is sizzling add the potatoes, smoothing the top down lightly.
  • Fry over moderate heat, loosening the base occasionally with a wooden spatula to prevent sticking.
  • After about 10 minutes, press the potatoes down with the spatula to form a cake. Invert a plate over the frying pan and turn the rosti out on to it.
  • Melt the remaining butter in the pan. Slide the rosti back into the frying pan and cook the other side, shaking the pan occasionally, for a further 10 to 15 minutes or until the underside is golden and crisp.
  • Turn the rosti out on to a warmed plate and serve at once.

February 29, 2016


Unblanched almonds - 5 cups (grated)
Unsweetened chocolate - 100 gms (grated)
Sugar - 2 1/2 cups
Ground cinnamon - 1 tsp
Kirsch - 1 tbsp
Egg whites - 4


  • Thoroughly blend almonds and chocolate with a mixture of sugar and cinnamon. Drizzle with kirsch.
  • Beat the egg whites until stiff, not dry, peaks are formed. Blend into nut mixture. Chill thoroughly.
  • Roll a fourth of the mixture at a time 1/2" thick on a lightly sugared surface.Cut with  1 1/4" round cutter. Place on lightly greased cookie sheets.
  • Bake at 300 F 15 minutes.
  • Cool on wire rack.

January 19, 2016


Potatoes - 1 kg (boiled for 10 minutes, drained, cooled and peeled)
Gruyere cheese - 50 gms (grated)
Butter - 75 gms
Onion - 1 (peeled and finely chopped)
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
Few parsley springs


  • Grate the potatoes into a mixing bowl, using the coarse side of the grater.
  • Stir in the grated cheese, then set aside.
  • Melt 1 tbsp of the butter in a frying pan and, when foaming, add the onion.
  • Fry gently until soft and golden, then add the onion to the potato and cheese mixture.
  • Add salt and pepper to taste.
  • Clean the frying pan and line it with a piece of aluminium foil. 
  • Shape potato mixture into a circle in the foil.
  • Invert a serving platter over the potato cake and turn out., pub-6783067284749878, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0