November 18, 2013

Cauliflower Soup

Cauliflower - 1
Onions - 50 gm
Tomatoes - 400 gm
Biryani leaves - 2
Nutmeg powder - 1/2 tsp
Spring onions -  3
Grated cheese - 50 gm
Corn flour - 1 tbsp
Milk - 1/2 cup
Fresh cream - 1/4 cup
Salt and pepper to taste
vegetable stock - 1 litre

For vegetable stock:
Carrots - 60 gm (chopped)
Green peas - 60 gm (chopped)
French beans - 60 gm (chopped)
Cabbage- 60 gm (chopped)
Cinnamon - 3 sticks
Salt and pepper to taste
Water - 1 litre

    • Pressure cook all the ingredients of vegetable stock up to 3 whistles.
    • Let it cool and strain the water. Keep aside the water.
    • Grind tomatoes to make puree. Strain the juice for discarding seeds and peel.
    •  Boil the cauliflower florets till tender then drain the water.
    • Now in a vessel, put chopped onion, nutmeg powder, tomato puree, biryani leaves, cauliflower pieces, vegetable stock, salt and pepper. Bring it to boil in high flame for 5 minutes then 2 minutes in low flame.
    •  Switch off the flame and strain the water.  Separate florets and keep aside.
    • Mix corn flour to the milk, add this to the soup along with chopped spring onions.
    • Cook stirring continuously till it becomes little thick.
    • Serve hot garnished with floretts,grated cheese and cream.  

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