January 29, 2018


  1. Leather should not be washed unless it is necessary.
  2. Use petroleum to remove mildew on leather.
  3. To clean articles of thin leather, mix about 20 drops of camphor oil in 2 tbsp of milk and rub the articles.
  4. To remove stains from leather goods, wipe with a piece pf cloth soaked in warm milk.The result is immediate.
  5. When storing tennis racquets, rub the strings with vaseline to keep them from snapping.
  6. Before you put tennis racquets away, coat the strings with petroleum jelly. This will keep them supple until the next season.
  7. To prevent your leatherr goods from fungus, mix a little soda-bi-carbonate with milk and clean them thoroughly, then polish with a soft cloth soaked in lavender oil. The fungus and the odour will disappear and the leather item will look new.
  8. Mildewed leather should be treated by rubbing vaseline into the affected spots. The whole surface should then be polished vigorously with a soft cloth.
  9. To give leather articles an excellent shine, rub them with a soft cloth dipped in lemon juice.
  10. After rinsing your white clothes in blue, the same indigo water can be used for cleaning white canvas shoes. Soak the shoes in the water for about 5 minutes (after cleaning of the dirt) and dry the shoes in bright sunlight. You will not have to use a whitener.

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