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Peach Preserve

Peaches - 2 dozens (ripe but firm)
Lemons -2


  • Soak peaches in hot water until the skin is loose, drain off the hot water and put them in cold water.
  • Cut them into halves, remove the stones, peel the skin and slice them.
  • Crack the stones and keep a few kernels aside, about 12.
  • Weigh the sliced peaches, take 3/4th the weight of peaches in sugar (i.e., peach: sugar= 4:3)
  • Take a tinned copper pan and make layers of peach slices and sugar. Keep aside for about  2-3 hours. Then put it on a slow fire and stir until the sugar melts, add kernels and then boil fast on high heat, until the peaches are clear and the sugar syrup is thick.
  • Add lemon juice and pour into hot sterilized jars, seal whilst still hot. 
  • Few kernels must be added to each bottle, as that gives a good flavour.
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