April 14, 2014


Khoa - 250 gms
Cocoa - 15 gm
Powdered sugar  - 70 gm
Butter - 15 gms (optional)
Silver leaves - optional for decorating


  • Divide the khoa into 2 parts. Heat one part over slow fire, mash and add 30 gms of sugar. Stir well and heat until it dries up.
  • Remove from fire, cool slightly and spread over a greased tray. 
  • Heat the remaining half of the khoa over slow fire, mash and add cocoa powder and remaining sugar.
  • Add butter if the khoa is not sufficiently greasy.
  • Stir till all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Remove the mixture from the fire, cool a little, and spread it over previously layered one.
  • Decorate with silver leaf and leave it to set.
  • Cut into diamond pieces after it becomes firm.

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