May 27, 2015


1. All babies need vitamin C. Give orange juice diluted with water. Ask doctor for exact quantities.

2. Duck eggs should never be given to babies. From the age of 11-16 years, a child really needs 91/2 - 10 hours of sleep although few people follow this idea.

3. Small children should never be given fruits containing seeds such as oranges, water melon, grapes etc., without first having the seeds removed.

4.Before administering bitter  medicines to children, keep an ice cube in their mouth. It will give them relief.

5. If you have to put eye drops in  a small child's eyes, lay the child on his back and give him a torch to shine on the ceiling. This absorbs his attention and his eyes follow the beam, the eye drops will circulate.

6. Children's stomachs have a limited capacity, but at the same time their energy demands are high, Children should therefore be fed every 3-4 hours.

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