May 27, 2015


1. Avoid use of drugs for sleeplessness. Try a tumbler of hot milk at bed time after a warm bath.

2. A biscuit and a glass of hot milk before bed time helps many sleepless persons.

3. To prevent yawns (nothing could be an uglier sight), don't cut down on your sleep. A peppermint can often stave off yawns -  may be something to do with blood sugar.

4. If you do not fall asleep after going to bed try the following method: Lie on your back and do deep breathing for about 15 minutes and then lie on the side. You will easily go to the sleep.

5. It is said that raw onion eaten daily purifies the blood, clears the complexion and induces soun dsleep.

6. A touch of perfume mixed with cologne at your nostrils at bed time will help you sleep better.

7. For insomnia, drink hot milk with nutmeg or take a teaspoonful of honey at bed time.

8.Sometimes after a hard day's work, you can be so tired you can't even go to sleep. Try taking a hot and then a cold bath. It will refresh you.

Points to remember:

1.Your sleep attitude is more important than anything else, including artificial measures.

2. The shortest cut to insomnia is to lie in bed awake, tense, nervous and worried, as if you are possessed of some awful disease. The attitude of relaxing and not bothering about actual sleep taking over your physical senses can work wonders. Before you know it, you have slipped beyond the sleep point.

3. Don't make bedtime a moment for recalling all the ills of today or the tasks to be faced tomorrow. Neither will be of any avail when you are exhausted. Relax in whatever position you fee most comfortable, deep breathe and let your mind drift into reveries.

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