July 21, 2016


Cellophane noodles - 60 g
Oil for frying
Egg whites - 3
Canned bamboo shoot - 1 (diced)
Can crab meat - 220 g (flaked and drained)
Dry sherry - 1 tbsp
Chicken stock - 1/4 cup
Sesame oil - 1/2 tsp
Light soy sauce - 1 tsp
Ground black pepper - 1/8 tsp
Fresh coriander - 4 sprigs


  • Heat wok, add 1 cup oil and deep fry cellophane noodles on both sides till crispy and puffed. Remove noodles from wok, drain on kitchen paper and arrange on serving dish.
  • Beat egg whites till frothy and combine with bamboo shoot, crab meat, sherry, stock, sesame oil, soy sauce and pepper.
  • Heat wok and add 2 tbsps oil. When hot, add half the egg mixture and when centre sets, turn over and fry the other side. 
  • Remove and place on noodles. Fry rest of egg mixture and arrange on noodles, garnish with sprigs of fresh coriander and serve immediately.

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