January 25, 2017


Lean boneless pork - 1 1 /2 pounds
Unsweetened pineapple juice-  1/2 cup
Soy sauce - 1/4 cup
Sliced green onion with tops - 1/4 cup
Sesame seed - 4 tsp
Brown sugar  - 1 tbsp
Garlic clove -1 (minced)
Pepper -1/8 tsp
Cornstarch -1 tsp
Green pepper -1


  • Cut pork into 18 pieces. In large bowl combine pineapple juice, soy sauce, green onion, sesame seed, brown sugar, garlic, and pepper; add meat pieces.
  • Cover; refrigerate overnight or let stand 2 hours at room temperature, turning meat occasionally in the marinade.
  • Drain meat, reserve marinade.
  • In saucepan blend cornstarch and two tbsp water; stir in reserved marinade.
  • Cook and stir till thickened.
  • Cut green pepper into 1" squares. Thread pepper on six skewers alternately with meat.
  • Grill over medium coals 6-8 minutes. Turn kabobs; grill till done, 6-8 minutes more, brushing with sauce occasionally.
  • Pass remaining sauce.

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