December 09, 2017


Plain flour - 115 gms
Pinch of salt
Butter - 75 gms
Egg- 1
Danish cream - 1 tbsp
Scallop shells - 4
White sauce mix - 1 packet
Shrimps - 75 gms
Asparagus tips - 260 gms
Sherry  - 1 tbsp
Lemon juice - 1 tbsp
Pinch of pepper


  • Sift flour and salt, add butter cut into small pieces and mix lightly with flour.
  • Add egg and cream. Mix lightly to make a soft dough.Leave in the refrigerator for 2 hours to harden.
  • Roll out very thinly. Grease the back of each shell and cover with pastry.
  • Trim the edges and bake in centre of oven for 10-12 minutes. Allow to cool.
  • Make up the sauce mix as directed. Add most of the shrimps and the drained asparagus, reserving a little for garnish.
  • Season well, add sherry, lemon juice and pepper.
  • Heat gently.
  • Pour into hto shells and serve immediately garnished with shrimps ans asparagus.

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