February 21, 2018


  1. People with unsound mind or lunacy will be benefited if they eat Pomecitron fruit in moderate quantities.
  2. People having unsound mind will be benefited if they daily eat small quantities of tulasi leaves.
  3. Eating of guava fruits is good for people of unsound mind.
  4. Eating a mixture of the juice extracted out of the leaves of 'Brahmi' and 'Amrithaballi' is very beneficial to people suffering from madness.
  5. A pinch of cinnamon powder mixed with a little honey and taken every is good for curing nervous tension, brain fag and poor memory.
  6. Memory power can be improved if you make a habit of daily drinking 2 tumblefuls of water before going to bed.
  7. If you repeatedly eat the chutney out of Brahmi plant it will greatly help to improve your intellect and power of memory. But eating of gherkins regularly has quite the opposite effect.
  8. People having strenuous brain work should constantly eat raw seeds of pumpkin.
  9. Panic: Whenever you have an attack of panic due to physical or emotional stress or fear, just take your mind off the fear. An easy way to distract yourself is to count backwards or forwards by 3s or 7s upto 100 or 150.

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