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The two worst wars in history were both fought in the 1900s. World war I lasted from 1914 to 1918. and World war II from 1939 to 1945. 

In each, tens of millions of people were killed, and millions more were injured or left homeless.


World war I was caused by rivalry between certain large countries. The central powers, on one side, included Germany, Austria - Hungary and Turkey. The Allies, on the other side, included Britain and France. The Allies won.

Russia was one of the Allies until the Russian Revolution of 1917. In 1917, too, the USA joined the Allies.

Terrible battles were fought on the Western Front in France and Belgium. Often, thousands of men died just to gain a few meters of ground.


Aug,1914 - Germany won the Battle of Tannenberg against the Russians.

Apr, 1915 - Poison gas first used in war.

May, 1916 - Battle of Jutland. British and German High Seas fleets clash.

Dec, 1916 - Allies won the Battle of Verdun, in France.

Sep, 1916 - British used first tanks.

Feb, 1917 - German submarines started to attack all ships friendly to Allies.

Aug, 1917 - Germans halted Russian attack.

Nov, 1917 - Allied tank attack at Cambrai.

Mar, 1918 - Last German offensive.

Aug, 1918 - Allies attacked on Western Front.

Nov.3, 1918 - Austria made peace.

Nov.11,1918 - Germany made peace.

(source: Octopus Children's Encyclopedia)
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