February 07, 2018


Here are some of the simple tips for making tasty soups:

1. Add  a little lime juice to the tomato rasam and you will see the taste is much better.

2. While making tomato soup or tomato puree, add a bit of sugar. This takes away that slightly sour bitter taste.

3. Milk will not curdle when added to the tomato soup, if it is boiled with a pinch of baking soda.

4. After shelling peas, wash the pea pods thoroughly. Add salt and pepper and pressure cook. Cool, mash and sieve, to make a delightful cream of pea soup. You can also make soup of carrot and beetroot soup.

5. When making tomato soup, add a little sago to it while boiling. The soup will be thick, creamy and more nourishing.

6. To remove grease from soup, dip in some small pieces of clean tissue paper and you will find that this will soak up the fat.

7. To skim fat from soups, drop in some ice cubes. You will be surprised how the fat will cling on to the cubes. Then remove the cubes quickly.

8. Whilst skimming fat from the soups and gravies, put in a few lettuce leaves  and the fat clings to them.

9. To remove excess fat from soups, stews, use clean white blotting paper or cook lettuce leaves with soup to absorb fat.

10. Overflowing of dal soup while cooking can be prevented by placing a wooden spoon inside the vessel.

11. Brown sugar is an antidote for salt. If your soup is salty, add a small teaspoon of brown sugar and the briny taste will disappear.

12. If the soup is too salty, drop some raw cut potatoes in it. After they have soaked up all the excess salt, remove them.

13. Do not put vegetable straight into the water. You'll get tasty strong flavoured soup if you first brown them in a little ghee or butter.

14. Add a tablespoon of milk or cream in spinach soup when it is ready and you will just see the difference it makes.

15. Make a soup or stew into a really substantial and satisfying meal by adding dumplings or cooked noodles.

16. Never through away bones and vegetable skins. Make soup or stock out of them. Freeze the surplus in containers lined with aluminium foil.

17. Before opening a can of soup shake it well; this avoids the formation of lumps when you dilute it.

18. Do not throw away the surplus water after the channa dal has been cooked for preparing puran poli. Grind one or two cloves; 1/2 tsp cumin seeds, 1/4 tsp grated coconut, and add to the channa dal water. Also add little tamarind water. It makes a delicious soup.

19. An effective way to preserve meat and chicken stock is to chill the stock in ice trays and use the icy cubes for instant soups.

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