May 01, 2018


Rice flour - 125 gms
Maida - 75 gms
Besan - 60 gms
Sour curd - 125 ml
Salt to taste
Chilli powder - 2-3 tsp
Baking soda - a apinch
Asafoetida - a pinch
Curry leaves - few
Green chillies - 7-8
Ginger - small piece
Mustard seeds - 1 tsp

  • Mix all the flours, salt, chilli powder and baking soda. Add curd and enough water to make a thick batter. (neither too thick nor too watery). Add asafoetida water, chopped green chillies, ginger and curry leaves.
  • Heat 2 tsp of oil and fry mustard until it splutters; then pour into batter.
  • Let it stand for 3 hours.
  • Heat oil in a wide shallow pan, drop big ladleful of batter and make a round pan cake.
  • Let the underside cook to a golden brown. Prick it in two or three places with a fork.
  • Turn and prick that side also with a fork and cook to a golden brown.
  • It has a crisp crust and the inside will be sponge and soft.

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