August 20, 2018


Chicken  - 1
Salt - 2 tsp
Sherry - 2 tsp
Dried tangerine peel - 1 piece
Star anise - 2
Brown sugar - 3 tbsp


  • Rub chicken inside and out with salt and sherry, stand for 10 minutes.
  • Chinese steam for 10 minutes in a heatproof basin in a lidded container of boiling water coming half way up basin.
  • Crush together the peel, star anise and brown sugar.
  • Line the bottom of a large pot with foil and spread the brown sugar mixture on it.
  • Stand the chicken on a small rack in the pot and cover with a tight fitting lid.
  • Place over medium heat and when smoke starts to come out of the pot, turn heat low and allow the chicken to smoke for 40-45 minutes until it is all brown.
  • May be served sliced hot or cold. If served cold de-bone and slice the chicken and sandwich a slice of pineapple between each piece.

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