September 11, 2018


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The banyan tree is quite a common tree in our Country, providing much needed relief from hot sun.

Almost all parts of this tree is useful - stem bark, root bark, aerial roots, leaves, buds, sap (milky exudes), flowers and fruits are therapeutic.


Bleeding piles: Take a few drops of sap with milk regularly.

Boils and abscess: Warm banyan leaves after coating them with til oil and make a hot poultice to promote suppuration and hasten breaking.

Burning Sensation in fevers: Decoction of hanging roots of banyan tree mixed with ghee alleviates burning sensation in fevers.

Corneal opacity: Finely powdered camphor mixed with latex of banyan is applied as collyrium (eye ointment).

Cracks in the heels: Fill the cracks with the milk of banyan tree.

Diabetics: Soak 2" of bark overnight in a glass of water. Next day morning squeeze the bark and drink the infusion. This is a proven remedy in most of the recent scientific studies.

Diarrhoea: Pound the hanging roots of banyan tree and take along with cow's buttermilk to check acute diarrhoea.

Conception promotion: Leaf bud of banyan tree helps conception. It should be collected in bright fortnight and pushya constellation and should be taken with water by women having menses.

Freckles: Apply the paste of tender leaves of banyan tree and coconut pulp. Similarly, leaf bud of banyan tree and masoor dal removes freckles and enhances the lustre of the face.

Hair problems: Make powder of equal quantities of the aerial roots of banyan tree and the lemon peel. Boil the powder in coconut oil and apply. In case of baldness, powder the aerial roots of banyan tree and lotus roots and use the same way.

Intrinsic haemorrhage: Tender leaves of doorva grass and banyan tree mixed with honey should be taken.

Joint pains: The milky juice obtained from banyan tree massage on the joins will relieve swelling and pain.

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