September 12, 2018


Small cucumber - 1
Green capsicum - 1
Onion - 1
Black olives - 1/2 cup
Cherry tomatoes - 1/2 cup
Lettuce - 1 small head
Feta cheese - 100 gms 

For the dressing:
Extra virgin oil - 3 tbsp
Lime juice - 2 tbsp
Dried oregano - 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Pepper - freshly ground


  • Put the olive oil and other dressing ingredients in a jar and shake well.
  • Tear the lettuce into bite size pieces, cut the capsicum into fine juliennes, slice the onion and cucumber into rounds, and mix everything together in a bowl, along with olives and tomatoes.
  • Shake well the dressing again and mix it in the salad bowl. Toss well.
  • Roughly crumble the feta cheese, and sprinkle it over the salad.

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