November 28, 2018


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We have to learn the value of alfalfa other than being a food for cattle. Alfalfa is a gold mine crop.

Its roots trail down below the surface from ten to fifty feet. These roots absorb organic minerals from the soil, bringing up rich vital minerals unattainable by other vegetables. The plant above the surface draws nitrogen from the air which concentrates in its juice containing protein. The ash of alfalfa contains all the essential minerals used in body development excepting fluorine and iodine.

Alfalfa contains practically all the vitamins, being rich in Vitamin A and fairly good in Vitamin D. Because of the abundance of Vitamin E in the green alfalfa is helpful in rejuvenation, for the heart and reproductive system. There is a percentage of chlorophyl in the colouring element of alfalfa. Because of cholorophyl,  Vitamin k,  and calcium contained in alfalfa, there is a slogan, "chew alfalfa and save the teeth".

It serves as a tonic because of high percentage of calcium,iron and phosphorus. Alfalfa stimulated the appetite,aids digestion and greatly improves the utilization of food because it has several enzymes which exercise a very soothing effect on the nervous system. In short, alfalfa helps to support the healthy and to fortify the sick as it is full of nutritive substances including salts,calcium,iron,potassium,sodium,magnesium,phosphate, sulphate and other nourishing ingredients which aid the human body, especially growing children.

It is stated to contain: Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, B8,K, PP. One of the richest chlorophyl foods we have is alfalfa.It builds up a resistance to infection that is almost phenomenal.

As the juice of the alfalfa is too strong and potent to be taken by itself it is best taken with carrot juice. It is very helpful in diseases of the arteries and in dysfunctions connected  with the heart.

To carrot and alfalfa juice, lettuce juice may be added to enrich the combination with elements particularly needed by the roots of the hair which help the growth to a great extent.

Alfalfa may be eaten fresh in combination salad or it may be chopped and cooked  with green vegetables. It should not be neglected in household food.

There is one difficulty in getting people to eat alfalfa as a portion of the daily diet,because of its green chlorphyl colour, its bitter taste and because it happens to be considered a food for livestock. Alfalfa can be had in tablet,powder and liquid form which may be taken without the slightest hesitation.

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