July 15, 2019


Bean sprouts - 125 gms
Herb vinegar - 2 tbsp
Sugar - 1 tsp
Red chilli oil - 1 tsp
Chinese light soy sauce - 2 tsp


  • Wash the bean sprouts in plenty of water. Remove as many seed cases as possible.
  • Drain in a colander then slowly pour a few litres of boiling water over the bean sprouts. Drain the bean sprouts well.
  • Place the colander in a draughty place to dry the bean sprouts quickly or roll them over a cloth.
  • Mix the herb vinegar with the sugar, red chilli oil and soy sauce, stirring until the sugar has dissolved.
  • Add the bean sprouts and stir well.
  • Arrange the salad in individual bowls and serve.

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