June 23, 2013


Whole green moong- 50 gm
Channa dal - 60 gm
Urad dal - 60 gm
Onion -1
Green Chillies - 4
Amchur - 1 tbsp
Roasted Cumin seeds  Powder - 1 tbsp
Salt to taste
Cumin seeds - 1 tsp
Ghee - 3 tbsp


  • Soak the dals separately in water for half an hour. Drain and keep aside.
  • Now cook each of dals separately. Cook till dals are tender but firm and each grain separate.
  • Add salt to dals while cooking.
For assembling dhim: This has to be done while dals are still hot.
  • Take a serving bowl and place one portion of the cooked moong cover it with one portion of urad dal, cover this with a portion of channa dal.
  • On top of this layer, arrange some chopped onions, green chillies, amchur and roasted cumin powder.
  • Repeat the layers for the dal and the spices.
  • Heat the ghee in a pan, add cumin seeds and allow them to splutter.
  • Sprinkle the hot ghee on the top most layer of the dhim and serve hot with paranthas.

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