June 30, 2014


Bread slices - 4
Cheese slice - 1
Cucumber slices - 4
Tomato slices - 4
Chicken salami slices - 2 (lightly fried in butter0
Butter - 2 tbsp
Salt and pepper to taste


  • Remove the sides of the bread. On one slice, apply butter. 
  • Place cucumber slices on top and sprinkle salt and pepper over it. Top it with another buttered slice.
  • Place cheese slice and tomato slice over it again. sprinkle salt and pepper on it.
  • Cover it with third buttered slice.
  • Apply butter on top, place chicken salami over it.
  • Finally top it with fourth buttered slice.
  • Press sandwich a little and cut it diagonally into 2
  • Serve with potato chips and sauce.

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