June 22, 2014


  1. Bathe tired feet in a basin of hot water with 2 large handfuls of crystal salt or 2 tbsps of vinegar dissolved in it.
  2. Rub glycerine on tired feet at bed time and by next morning you will find them fresh and supple.
  3. For relaxing tired feet and aching toes, try picking up marbles from the floor with your toes curled round them.
  4. Flat footed folk, exercise your soles daily. Walk on tiptoes.
  5. Weary feet or legs can be benefited by half an hour's soaking in hot water to which a little baking soda has been added.
  6. As a remedy against tired feet and aching toes, curl toes round the rung of the chair and uncurl repeatedly.
  7. When you are having tired feet, keep them immersed several times alternatively in hot and cold water, after which the legs may be massaged with oil.
  8. An easy way to warm up your cold hands is to swing your arms clockwise and anti clockwise. This little trick improves blood circulation in the hands and warms them up.

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