May 12, 2015


Apples- 2
Eggs- 3
Vanilla essence- 2 drops
Milk- 1 litre
Sugar- 3 tbsp
Rice flour- 1 tsp
Golden syrup- 1 tsp
Custard- 6 tsp
Powdered nuts- 10 gms

For garnishing:
Apple strips


  • Beat the eggs well and boil the milk. When milk boils, add sugar and stir.
  • Remove from fire and add the beaten eggs when the milk becomes lukewarm.Keep on stirring till it is mixed well.
  • Now add custard power to 3 tsp of warm water and add to the lukewarm milk.Steam it for 30 min.
  • Allow to cool to normal temperature and spread in a dish. Spread strawberry jam like a frill on it and keep in the fridge for half an hour.
  • Dip the thin strips of apple in golden syrup.
  • Take out the custard from the fridge and decorate it with overlapping  strips of apple.
  • Put back into the fridge and serve cold after lunch or dinner.
  • It comes for 6 persons and takes the time of 30 min.

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