February 28, 2016


Peaches - 3 (peeled and pitted)
Lemon juice
Low fat buttermilk - 1/3 cup
Sugar - 2-4 tsp or to taste


  • Cut peaches into about 3/4" chunks.
  • Dip peach chunks in lemon juice to coat, then set slightly apart in a single layer in a shallow metal pan.
  • Cover pan and freeze until fruit is solid.
  • With a wide spatula, slide peach chunks from pan into freezer containers; return to freezer until ready to use.
  • To prepare smoothie, use 1 1/2 cups of the frozen peaches.
  • Let peaches stand at room temperature until slightly softened (about 5 minutes).
  • Pour buttermilk into a blender. With motor running, add peach chunks, a few at a time. (keep top of blender covered to prevent splashing); whirl until mixture is slushy. Blend in sugar.
  • Pour into a glass and serve at once.

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