July 28, 2016


Mustard pickles - 1 tbsp
White bread - 4 large slices
Lard (or) Dripping - 56 g
Canned pork luncheon meat - 8 (1/4 inch slices)
Pineapple rings - 4


  • Chop mustard pickles very finely. Trim crusts from bread and fry golden brown on both sides in the lard. Drain well and keep hot.
  • In remaining  fat, fry the slices of pork luncheon meat until brown and crisp.
  • Remove and arrange 2 slices, side by side, on each slice of fried bread to cover it. 
  • Fry the pineapple rings very lightly on both sides, taking care they do not stick to the pan. Place 1 ring on top of each portion.
  • Decorate the pineapple rings with chopped mustard pickle. 

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