September 23, 2016


Brown sugar - 2 cups (firmly packed)
Dijon mustard - 5 tbsp
Pepper - 2 tsp (coarsely ground)


  • In a small bowl, mix sugar, mustard and pepper.
  • Sizzling, smoky- tasting grilled poultry is especially enticing when enhanced with this savory marinade or baste.
  • About 45 minutes before turkey is done (temperature in breast will be about 135 F at boen for birds up to 18 lbs, 145 F for birds over 18 lbs), spread turkey with half the glaze.
  • Cook for 20 more minutes; brush with remaining glaze.
  • Continue to cook until a meat thermometer inserted in thickest part of breast registers 160 F at bone.
  • If glaze becomes too dark, drape dark areas with foil.

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