January 23, 2018


Tonsillitis can be cured as follows: Grind together the leaves of "Thumbe" plant, a little pepper and garlic and let the patient eat it for 3 days.

To cure Tonsillitis:

  1. Squeeze out juice by crushing together a little garlic and salt and apply this juice to the affected tonsils for 2-3 days, with your fingertips or cotton- tipped buds.
  2. Extract juice out of "Bajae" (Acorus calamus; Vachaa; Vaikand) by rubbing against a rough surface and apply this juice to the affected tonsils.
  3. For the cure of tonsillitis: Get the bark of nandibatlu tree (kokke mara; Tabernaemontana coronaria) rub it well with one pepper seed, one clove of garlic and a little lime juice to obtain fine thin paste and apply this paste gently to the affected part inside the throat with the aid of cotton bud or with clean finger.

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