February 23, 2018


1. To remove wrinkles: To  a  tablespoonful of honey, add one fourth teaspoonful of carrot juice. Spread this over entire face and leaving it for 15 to 20 minutes. remove with cotton wool soaked with warm water to which a dash of baking soda has been added. This mixture will remove roughness and fine wrinkles from your face.

2. To prevent wrinkles, gently massage with glycerine and honey. Apply a small quantity on the face before retiring to bed; wash with soft water next morning.

3. Mash a ripe banana, mix with the juice of roses and apply over the face. Allow it to remain for an hour and then wash off with warm water. It will keep the skin soft and supple, prevent wrinkles and dryness as well as pimples. Keep it up regularly to get results.

4. To counteract wrinkles and excessive dryness, apply a cabbage pack. Take the juice of a few cabbage leaves, a small amount of yeast and one tablespoon of honey. Mix into a paste, apply, leave on for 20 minutes. Wash with luke warm water, splash with cold.

5. To lighten your facial skin, apply the white of an egg to your face and wash it away after 15 minutes.

6. A mixture of honey and a few drops of orange juice can work wonders for a mature skin, or for a skin which has been overdried by exposure to wind or sun. Mix the two well and spread it evenly over the face. Leave it on for 20 minutes, then wash off with warm water and a pad of cotton wool. This treatment can even delay the onset of wrinkles and lines.

7. For wrinkles take the white of the egg (do not beat it). Dip cotton in it and spread it over the skin, smoothing it down across your wrinkles specially near the eyes and on the neck. Leave it for an hour. Do not talk or smile while the pack is on. Then dampen cotton wool in ice cold water and with this remove the egg white from the face.

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