November 29, 2018


Some uses of vinegar for curable purpose:

  • Vinegar being weak acid with strong healing powers,is regarded ideal for those with a delicate digestive tract. As a gentle cleansing stimulant,it is suitable for bowel and urinary infection,colitis,cystitis, stomach ulcers and acidity.
  • Taken with warm water in the morning, it helps to reduce weight, tones the system, rejuvenates most organs and make one feel energetic.
  • Mixed with salt it makes an excellent emetic for cleaning the body of poisonous substances.
  • In the past,vinegar was taken diluted with water as an antiseptic in typhus,dysentery and scarlet fever.
  • Hippocrates recommended vinegar for decongesting of the respiratory system and to treat cough, asthma and hay fever.
  • Rose petals soaked in vinegar are the Greek remedy for sunburn and heat rash.
  • Vinegar acts as astringent by checking bleeding and reducing swelling of wounds.Mixed with hot water it makes an excellent compress for swollen joints and if used with sage leaves is effective in easing sprains.
  • A teaspoonful of vinegar in a glass of water sipped frequently is a cooling remedy for fevers and as a gargle, it is good for sore throat, nasal congestion and laryngitis.
  • Its anti-fungal properties make it appropriate in treating ringworm, rash and athlete's foot.
  • There are some connoisseurs of apple cider vinegar who drink it daily, dilutes with water as skin cleanser and general tonic. Since it improves absorption of calcium,it is recommended for the strengthening of teeth and nails. It also cures problems like osteoporosis, arthritis and rheumatism.
  • With its important nutrients, cider vinegar has been used since ancient times in cosmetic preparations. It is said that the spirit of vinegar was one of the ingredients of the original cold cream which was made about the first century AD.
  • Being cooling and soothing, vinegar is suitable for skin and hair problems. After a shower, a final rinse with some vinegar in the water keeps skin smooth and clear, and hair healthy and sparkling. 
       So you will not have itchy scalp or irritable skin condition. Besides, this will         relax the body and relieves the stress.

Other Benefits:
  • To remove stains and slime deposits from aluminium vessels or burnt spots from an electric iron rub with a heated solution of vinegar and salt.
  • Crystal will glean if washed in one part of vinegar with three parts of water.
  • Vinegar is full of rich aroma and subtle undertones. Flavoured vinegar can be made by steeping ingredients like garlic,green chillies and mint in a bottle of natural vinegar for a fortnight.
  • Many love to drizzle it over kebabs, fish, chips, salads and cooked vegetables. Vinegar adds taste to any food.

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