March 08, 2019


Salami - 100 gms
Smoked pork loin - 100 gms
Pork roll - 100 gms (sliced)
Tomatoes -2
Cucumber -1
Potatoes - 225 gms
French dressing
Spring onion (chopped)


  • Slice tomatoes and cucumber and marinate separately in French dressing.
  • cook potatoes but do not overcook. While they are still firm, drain and cut into cubes while hot.
  • Combine with about one tbsp mayonnaise and allow to cool.
  • Place sliced meats in separate compartments of hors d'oeuvre tray, potato salad in another.
  • Remove sliced cucumber from marinade and arrange neatly in compartment and sprinkle with chopped parsley.
  • Remove tomato slices from marinade, place in compartment and sprinkle with finely chopped spring onion and parsley.
  • Half slices of salami or pieces of thinly cut smoked pork can be made into cones and tucked into slots in thickish cuucmber slice. or rolled neatly and spear on to brown or black bread, or cucumber stars.
  • Decorate with parsley, sliced olives,strips of red or green pepper.

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